**New Rules for Classes

Class Restrictions:

  • 9 people or less each class
  • Temperature Taken/ symptom check before entering gym
  • Door will be locked until 5 minutes til class starts to prevent overcrowding and time for other class to leave
  • Social distancing marks on sidewalk that athletes must stand distance apart before class starts.
  • Classes will be 45-50 minutes long with 10 minutes of cleaning time before next class, individuals need to clean their own stuff
  • NO sharing of anything, including warmup bars, etc
  • No Markers, no white boards, no chalk
  • Athletes have to do all work in their station so sweat stays in their area.
  • Athletes are required to hand sanitize, wash their hands before and after each class
  • All athletes need to go into their app and sign the waiver before they can attend any class
  • Dynamic warmup will be in place and not moving. Each athlete will have a station
  • Athletes cannot stay after class for additional work.
  • No lockers available, please bring stuff to your station
  • No gathering/socializing before or after class on premises
  • If you are sick, stay home we have the right to ask you to go home if you are sick
  • Athletes are required to cancel out of classes, if class is full and athlete does not attend class a cancellation fee of $10 will be accessed.
  • Athletes must wear a mask to the building and inside until they get to their spots
  • No lost and found, everything will be discarded after class

Coaches Restrictions:

  • Keep Social Distancing when coaching/cueing athletes
  • Use Verbal Cues only
  • Have your own demo bar/station
  • Coaches must wash hands before and after class, more than welcome to wear gloves.
  • Coaches required to wear masks while coaching
  • Coaches will have their own markers/no sharing of markers

*Policies are subject to change**

Cancellation of Class Policy: We have changed our cancellation of class policy.  Individuals are required to sign out of class if they are not going to attend the class 30 minutes before.    If the class is full and an athlete does not attend, they will be charged a $10 fee. This will be strictly enforced starting the week of June 15.  


$100 Gift Cards:  There is still time to redeem your $25 gift cards to Born Primitive, Puori, O2 and Bear Komplex!  This is absolutetly free money for Salvo athletes.  Please visit: communitycoalition.fitness/loyalty  to claim.  Hurry!  You ony have til June 25, 2020 to redeem.  


Memberships:  In March, when Governor Polis shut down gyms and extedned the intitial 30 days to 45 then to 60 and then to very limited use of the gym for 90 days, Salvo decided to drop memberships to a Quarantine Memebrship of $45.  This was to cover our overhead cost so the gym could remain open, this did not include any salaries.  Effective July 1, 2020 All memberships will go back to their orginal pre pandemic memberships.  The gym can operate at a greater capacity giving indidividauls the oppurtunity to attend class.  Salvo is waiving its 30 day cancellation policy for the month of June (please give 48 hours notice) but will require 30 days starting July 1.  Access to at home WODs, mobility and our Youtube video breakdowns are only available to active membrships.

Thank you for your support of Salvo through the crazy times of 2020.  We hope to see you all soon.  Take care and be safe.