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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Wednesday Apr 11,2018

Welcome jesiah

April 11, 2018

Teams of 2
5 Rounds
48 Cal. Assault Bike
24 Burpee over Bar
24 Toes to Bar
* Split Reps as needed *

HenningWe will say 39:00  Not Rx
Jordan W35:08  Not Rx
GavinWe will say 39:00  Not Rx
Sujinda36:18  Not Rx
Adam j35:08  Not Rx
Jarrod37:14  Not Rx
Matt H35:08  Not Rx
Tonya37:14  Not Rx
Kenia36:18  Not Rx
Blanche40:40  Not Rx
Milynda29:15  Not Rx
Bonnie33:38  Not Rx
Jamie W33:38  Not Rx
Mayra E40:40  Not Rx
Tom B29:15 Rx
Eric Golt23:20 Rx with eric
Eric Gold23:20 Rx with eric
Brad31:54 Rx with damon
Matt Sw26:32 Rx with courtney
Shelby33:05 Rx with maria
Damon31:54 Rx with brad
Maria Mo33:05 Rx wth shelby
Courtney D26:32 Rx with matt
Darnelle32:49 Rx with brandon
Joshua M27:27 Rx with matt
Cailin34:46  with esther
Brandon W32:49 Rx with darnie
Matt D27:27 Rx with josh
jesiah28:28  with chris 3 rounds
Esther34:46  with cailin
Shahlaye32:16  w/Stacey
Joseph Rh28:07 Rx w/Mark
Mark F28:07 Rx w/Joe
Paloma33:54  w/Crystal
Crystal33:54  w/ Paloma
Stacey32:16  w/Shahlaye
Kaydee29:29  w/Justin
Justin E29:29 Rx w/Kaydee
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