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Friday Apr 6,2018

Happy Birthday Scott W

April 6, 2018

4 rounds for time of:
15 box jumps
SKi 400m  

Men: 36-in. box
Women: 30-in. box

Joshua M15:00 Rx
Jordan W15:49 Rx
Henning15:30  24'
Tenneile14:29  20' 250m
Matt H15:18 Rx
Sujinda13:20  24'
Stan15:50  Not Rx
Jarrod15:25 Rx
Blanche14:50  15'
Emily Ha13:40  24'
Shelby13:17  24'
Julie E'I can see the bone'  she did what I told her not to do
Tom B11:39 Rx
Renee13:49  26'
Esther15:21  20?
Jace12:43 Rx
Janeth15:27  20'
Monce12:50  24'
Lara16:26  24/20'
Brad14:33  30'
Courtney D13:15  24'
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