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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Wednesday Feb 14,2018

February 14, 2018

For time:
30 muscle-ups

Time Cap 12 mins

Joshua M8:47  45 burpee pull ups
Jacob J8:50  45 burpee pull ups
Stan9:20  45 burpee pull ups
Jarrod25  purple band
Yvette S10:36  45 burpee pull ups
Sujinda10:08  45 burpee pull ups
A.J.19  purple + black band
Greg19  purple band
Sandy G14:33  ALL 45 BURPEE PULL UPS!!!
Caitlin6:57  Burpee Jumping Pull Ups
Crystal20  Purple Band
Marilyn9:05  Burpee Jumping Pull Ups
Shelby16 Rx
Jennifer P7:44  45 bp
Justin Moo8:40  45 bp
Julie E14 Rx
Maria Mo14  bar mu
Eric Golt22 Rx
Brad9:50  45 bp
Eric Gold10:17 Rx
Jamie W7:44  Not Rx
Damon18 Rx
Matt Sw11:19 Rx
Tom Bripped hands  mix of bar and ring
Brandi7:49  Not Rx
Cailin6:46  Not Rx
Mayra E8:19  Not Rx
Andrew G8:22  Not Rx
Darnelle7:40  Not Rx
Matt D10 Rx
Jess B11:38  Not Rx
Kaylen8:09  Not Rx
Jeff L7:40 Rx
Michelle B9:18  Burpee PU
Shahlaye8:03  Burpee PU
Shelly Banded MU
Alyssa St7:16  Burpee PU
Roberto7:38 Rx
Justin E11:17 Rx
Matt Sa:)  6min Attempt 6min Burp PU
Pedro11:40  Burpee MU
Jace25 Rx
Monce8:03  Burpee PU
Stacey13 Rx
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