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Monday Feb 12,2018

February 12, 2018

For time:
30 overhead walking lunges
30 knees-to-elbows
30 sit-ups
30-cal. row
30 sit-ups
30 knees-to-elbows
30 overhead walking lunges

Men: Lunge with 45-lb. plate
Women: Lunge with 25-lb. plate

Joshua M13:33  K2C/K2Eish
Jordan W11:48  K2C
Yvette Sshe will start looking at the clock  Not Rx
Jarrod12:35  mostly K2E
Jacob J17:15  pretty inconsistent on K2E
Tonya14:09  K2C/hanging underneath there
Matt H13:02 Rx
Kenia12:23  K2E/K2C
Richard14:24  K2C
Tenneile14:10  10#/K2C
A.J.11:15 Rx
Sujinda12:05  K2E/K2C
Milynda10:24  K2C
Betsy11:21  K2C/K2E
Tyler Jos11:44  Majority K2E
Caitlin12:13  15#/K2C
Bonnie10:40  K2C
Noah12:01 Rx
Courtney D10:23  Not Rx
Greta10:53  Not Rx
Maria Mo12:07 Rx
jeronima16:04  Not Rx
Matt Sw12:59 Rx
Eric Gold13:04 Rx
James Sa16:02  Not Rx
Brad15:27  Not Rx
Paula12:54  Not Rx
Sarah Q10:11  Not Rx
Janeth15:27  Not Rx
Justin Moo16:22  Not Rx
Tom B11:30 Rx
Alex D14:20  Not Rx
Stephana14:11  Not Rx
Andrew G13:33  Not Rx
Julie E10:14 Rx
Cailin10:34  Not Rx
Valene10:37  Not Rx
Jamie W11:11  Not Rx
Mayra A13:20  Not Rx
Matt D10:52  Not Rx
Paloma13:44  Not Rx
Brandon W12:30 Rx
Damon12:32 Rx
Mark F13:18 Rx
Shahlaye11:33  Not Rx
Jennifer D15:03  Not Rx
Rey13:28  Not Rx
Vanessa R16:40  Not Rx
Jess B14:04  Not Rx
Joseph Rh12:02  Not Rx
Justin E10:13 Rx
Jeff E13:47 Rx
Jenna D10:48  Not Rx
Monce11:56  Not Rx
Elizabeth H11:51  Not Rx
Stacey13:26 Rx
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