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Friday Feb 9,2018

Happy Birthday Erik

Eriks Bday WOD version 2

2 rounds

9 sandbag cleans
85 wall balls 20/14
33 double unders

Cash out with 33 ft of handstand walk

Jarrod20:24  14#
Matt H23:10  DU attempts/3 around worlds
Sujinda17:10  10#/4 wall walks
Kenia18:40  10#/4 wall walks
Jacob J25:30  DU attempts
Rey20:09  3 around worlds
Jordan W16:16  10#/3 around worlds
Yvette Sshe gone  Not Rx
Stan17:30  14#/3 around worlds
Tonya18:14  10#/maybe 3 total DU/3 around worlds
Caitlin18:33  10#/50#/wall walks
Bonnie20:39  10#/wall walks
Sarah Q20:08  10#/wall walks
Crystal20:08  10#/wall walks
Shelby22:00 Rx handstand walkish
Julie E16:50 Rx
Matt Sw17:39 Rx
Maria Mo17:50 Rx
Greg18:59 Rx
Scott W21:18  14/ww
Lara21:40  14 ww
Paula21:55 Rx
Jace22:20  for part of the time
Jeff L14:07 Rx
Paloma19:35  Not Rx
Mayra E18:41  Not Rx
Shahlaye17:45  Not Rx
Monce18:53  Not Rx
Alex S20:11  Not Rx
Pedro20:54  Not Rx
Brandon W21:20  Not Rx
Joseph Rh19:58 Rx
Shawn18 Rx
Results Posted: 33