Most Recent Benchmark WOD was FRAN on May 11,2017 (282 days ago)

Saturday Feb 3,2018

Happy Birthday Karina

Cindy T

3 Rounds  
200 M Run
1 Round of Cindy
200 M Run
1 Round of DT


the runs must be done together
Partner a completes cindy first
partner b completes dt first
complete the next run
partner a now completes dt  
partner b now completes cindy

Evita19:01 Rx
Joshua M16:40  115
Betsy16:11  80
Michelle S15:49  55
Tyler Jos16:40  115
Paloma17:30  #85
Matt Sw15:52  Not Rx
Jordan W15:49 Rx
Mayra E16:11  80
Pedro15:52  65
Alyssa St:)  Not Rx
Claudia E17:30  55
Craig A17:26 Rx
Noah15:50 Rx
Jacob J17:26 Rx
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