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Thursday Feb 1,2018

Happy Birthday Richard
Welcome Miriam
Please wear blue tomorrow

Feb 1, 2018

Deficit deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Stand on extra plates to increase range of motion beyond that allowed by your normal deadlift setup.

Scroll for scaling options.
Post loads to comments.

Tabata (4 rounds at each station)
SKi erg

Jordan W1065 Rx 25#
Matt H1285 Rx 25#
Jarrod1175 Rx 25#
Kenia695 Rx no plate
Stan1390 Rx 45#
Tonya670 Rx no plate
Karina575 Rx no plate
Amber C705 Rx No Plate
Rusty795 Rx no plate
A.J.1375 Rx 25#
Milynda855 Rx 25#
Sandy G600 Rx no plate
Eric Gold1435 Rx 45#
Denise B485 Rx no plates
Miriam360 Rx no plates
Cooper1325 Rx no plate
Crystal830 Rx 25#
Noah1550 Rx 25#
Courtney D1005 Rx no plate
Tom W1815 Rx 25#
Matt Sw2025 Rx
Jennifer P685 Rx
James Sa1645 Rx
Damon1605 Rx
Brad1285 Rx
Jace1245 Rx
Maria Mo845 Rx
Paula845 Rx
Claudia V835 Rx
Julie E1235 Rx
Claudia E775 Rx 55#
Adela725 Rx 45#
Brandi775 Rx 25#
Eric Golt1365 Rx #45
Andrew G1125 Rx 25#
Jenna D775 Rx 25#
Valene975 Rx 45
Cailin775 Rx 55#
Matt D1365 Rx #45
Jennifer D1075 Rx
Vanessa R:) Rx
Shelly475 Rx
Julio1445 Rx
Paloma635 Rx
Roberto1475 Rx
Jeff E1375 Rx 45#
Shawn1595 Rx
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