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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Saturday Jan 6,2018

Welcome Alex C

Steve The Pirate

15 Minute EMOM
1: Pull Ups
2: Calorie Row
3: Burpee Box Jumps

@15 minutes each athlete will perform 3 rounds at the reps they were working with in the workout.  Each athletes reps are set up by testing before the workout.

Score is total time it takes to compelte.

Betsy20:54  7,8,7
Michelle S20:31  10,5,4
Debby22:05  8,7,5
Joshua M21:33  8,8,5
Jess B22:58  5,8,5
Vanessa R22:30  10,6,3
Courtney D21:07  8,8,7
Mayra E21:15  10,8,6
Evita20:40  6,7,5
Paloma22:36  5,10,5
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