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Thursday Jan 4,2018

January 4, 2018


90 second  

MAX CALs on Bike

Rest 90 Seconds

Score is total calories.  Goal of the WOD is to move through the 90seconds, not sprint for 10 seconds and rest.

Bench press

5x3 as heavy as possible

Jordan W106 Rx
Tenneile78 Rx
Jarrod105 Rx
Betsy78 Rx
Tyler Jos115 Rx
Amber C67 Rx
Adam j99 Rx
Sujinda88 Rx
A.J.91 Rx
Michelle S61 Rx
Sandy G50 Rx
Milynda71 Rx Lil' 49 cals
Bonnie63 Rx
Emily Ha91 Rx
Noah114 Rx
Jim108 Rx
Michelle B42 Rx
Crystal71 Rx
Tom B90 Rx
Shelby65 Rx
Matt Sw153 Rx
Maria Mo93 Rx
Mckenzy61 Rx
Paula80 Rx
jeronima53 Rx
Eric Gold104 Rx
Brad108 Rx
Jeff L123 Rx
Michael M203 Rx
Cailin71 Rx
Mayra A75 Rx
Alex D117 Rx
Darnelle97 Rx
Brandi59 Rx
Debby70 Rx
Mariela80 Rx
Vanessa R63  Not Rx
Craig A142 Rx
Monce99 Rx
Julio93 Rx
Jeff E109 Rx
Greg150 Rx
Chantel76 Rx
Damon138 Rx
Evita72 Rx
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