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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Tuesday Jan 2,2018


5 rounds

2 mu
21 power cleans 95/65
29 air squats

WOD designed by Backcountry Crossfit in honor on Zackari Parrish.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with friends and family of everyone who was affected by this awful tragedy.

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Tyler Jos20:15  Not Rx
Jess B23:47  Not Rx
Sujinda17:39  Not Rx
Rey24:00  Not Rx
Courtney D18:26  Not Rx
Jacob J23:31  Not Rx
A.J.20:11  Not Rx
Noah15:50 Rx
Betsy14:43  Not Rx
Michael M10:23 Rx
Michelle S19:14  #45 / transition work
Justin Moo23:30  transition work
Sandy G22:52  #25 / transition work / box squats
Milynda20:12  Transitions
Denise B25 somthing  Not Rx
Michelle B31:32  #45 / transitions / box squars
Tom B14:24 Rx
Bonnie20:37  transition work
Matt H19:55  transition work
Shelby20:43 Rx
Greta18:22  Not Rx
Jennifer P21:43  Not Rx
Eric Golt15:14 Rx
Matt Sw15:32 Rx
jeronima20:53  Not Rx
Maria Mo19:24  1 rng attemt then 1 bar mu
Greg15:53  Not Rx
Braddidnt hear time  Not Rx
Damon19:36 Rx
Monce19:03  Not Rx
Claudia V22:14  Not Rx
Stacey23:50  2 mu
Alex D21:33  Not Rx
Cailin16:59  Not Rx
Valene18:13  Not Rx
Brandi19:52  Not Rx
Emily Ha19:33  Not Rx
James Sa19:29  Not Rx
Kaylen17:14  Not Rx
Adela18:00  Not Rx
Jeff L17:06 Rx
Eric Gold13:13 Rx
Jennifer D22:19  Not Rx
Vanessa R22:32  Not Rx
Ashley C19:59  Not Rx
Crystal17:49  Not Rx
Julio21:34  Not Rx
Tom W15:39 Rx
Mark Fbroken  Not Rx
Shahlaye16:18  Not Rx
Matt Sa19:35  Not Rx
Chantel17:16  Not Rx
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