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Tuesday Dec 5,2017

Welcome Rusty

Dec 5, 2017

4 Rounds

20/15 Cal Row/ Cal Bike

Alt Row and Bike each round

Rusty15:15  Pike Push Ups
Stan13:37  HSPU, Negatives, Pikes
Amber C15:32  HSPU, Negatives
Todd H14:20  Pike Push Ups
Sujinda13:29  HSPU, Negatives, Pikes
Adam j14:17  HSPU, Negatives, Pikes
Justin Moo10:23  Pike Push Ups
Mayra E19:23 Rx
Milynda15:11 Rx
Sandy G15:11  Pike Push Ups
Alexander L15:20 ish  1 mat on the last round
Jordan W18:27  Negtive - last round only
Shawn10:27 Rx
Mckenzy11:56  Not Rx
Tom W6:27 Rx
Sarah Q10:50  Not Rx
Shelby11:25 Rx
Maria Mo10:45 Rx
Matt Sw9:27 Rx
Julie E7:46 Rx
Crystal14:02 Rx
Monce11:30  Not Rx
Damon11:16  Not Rx
Darnelle10:31  Not Rx
Adela9:07  Not Rx
Alex D10:05  Not Rx
Mayra A11:22  Not Rx
Brandi9:05  Not Rx
Cailin11:26  Not Rx
Valene7:56  Not Rx
James Sa12:08  Not Rx
Ray G10:19  Not Rx
Jeff L10:14 Rx
Eric Gold9:20 Rx
Stacey7:14 Rx
Jenna D9:55  Not Rx
Matt Sa10:48  Not Rx
Justin E8:53 Rx
Jeff E10:41  Not Rx
Vanessa R11:31  Not Rx
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Vanessa R 6:26pm
Stupid train!