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Thursday Nov 30,2017

Welcome Mayra A

Nov 30, 2017

4 rounds

50 Walking lunges
25 foot Hand stand walk
50 ft sled push (bw)

Stan14:50  Not Rx
Jordan W15:45  Not Rx
Matt H16:35  Not Rx
Adam j15:45  Not Rx
Mark H10:49  Not Rx
Mayra EIt didn't save the time  My bad
MonceIt didn't save the time  My bad
PaulaIt didn't save the time  My bad
Crystal16:34  Not Rx
Matt Sw16:24 Rx
Tom W8:34 Rx
Shelby15:33  Not Rx
Jennifer P17:05  Not Rx
JanethSmiley face  Not Rx
Maria Mo16:01  Not Rx
Jace9:16 Rx
Brad16:10  Not Rx
Julie EStretchy day  Not Rx
Mckenzysmiley face  Not Rx
Shawn10:30 Rx
Jeff L11:06 Rx
Adela15:24  Not Rx
James Sa16:47  Not Rx
Debby16:24  Not Rx
Valene16:44  Not Rx
Alex D18:20  Not Rx
Brandi17:56  Not Rx
Greta15:47  Not Rx
Ray G18:44  Not Rx
Chelsey16:20  Not Rx
Mayra A13:23  Not Rx
Joseph Rh14:52  Not Rx
Craig A15:27  Not Rx
Stacey10:17  Not Rx
Cailin11:45  Not Rx
Tyler Jos11:33 Rx
Chantel16:43  Not Rx
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