Most Recent Benchmark WOD was FRAN on May 11,2017 (289 days ago)

Monday Nov 27,2017

Happy Birthday Amber C
Welcome Janeth

Nov 27, 2017

3 rounds for reps

35 double unders
8 bupree over bar
Max Deadlifts (115/75) with remainder of time

rest 1 min

2 mins
35 double unders
8 burpee over bar
Max PC (115/75) with remainder of time

rest 1 min

2 mins
35 double under
8 burpee over bar
Max S20 (115/75)

Joshua M205  95#
Tonya209  55#
Jordan W315  65#
Stan443  95#
Kenia236  55#
Jarrod462 Rx
Sujinda245  65#
Matt H194  115#
Mark H714  45#
Adam j196  95#
Karina185  55#
Betsy158  du mod
Tyler Jos104  95
Justin Moo97  75
Alexander L80  115 no du
Noah120 Rx
Monce98  95
Matt Sw134 Rx
Tom W154 Rx
Shelby133 Rx
Jennifer P119  55
Mckenzy87  65
Greg143  Not Rx
Eric Golt163 Rx
Crystal126  55
Maria Mo124 Rx
Sarah Q130  55
Eric Gold139  back squat
Renee93  du for 30 seonds 25 lbs
Julie E124 Rx
Brad91  2/3 of double
jeronima:)  Not Rx
Janetha lot  Not Rx
Mayra E111  santy 117
Adela129  Not Rx
Alex D78  Not Rx
Brandi93  Not Rx
James Sa87  Not Rx
Cailin103  Not Rx
Patrick48  Not Rx
Angela71  Not Rx
Esther115  Not Rx
Darnelle84 Rx
Kaylen132  Not Rx
Damon78  Not Rx
Craig A95  some du/115
Danielle111  45
Joseph Rh72 Rx
Aurelio130  75
Ray G68  95
Julio75  95
Daniel L109  115
Michelle B73  35
Shahlaye119  65/du
Shelly67  65/du
Justin E115 Rx
Jeff E91 Rx
Elizabeth H88  75
Chelsey78  65
Debby130  Step ups
Results Posted: 60