Most Recent Benchmark WOD was FRAN on May 11,2017 (282 days ago)

Monday Nov 6,2017

Nov 6,2017

4-5 min AMRAPs  
15 C2B Pull Ups  
20 Pistols
Max Distance Handstand Walk w/ Remaining time (5ft=1rep)

1min rest between rounds  
Wall Walks mod for HS Walks.

Joshua M HS/Wall Walks
Jordan W11  Wall Walks
Karina Wall Walks
Sujinda16  Wall Walks
Adam j12  Wall Walks
Stan13  Wall Walks
Kenia16  Wall Walks
Jarrod22  HS Walks
Tonya16  wall walks
Mark H21  HS/Wall Walk
Matt H Wall Walks
Amber C18  Wall Walks
Dustin G Wall Walks
Tyler Jos51  mod pistols handstand walk
Michelle S54  push press and air squats
Alexander L16  mod pistols/pu handstand walk
Jamie W20  mod pistols/handstand
Eric Golt56 Rx
Tom W76 Rx
Paula18 Rx
Julie E93 Rx
Eric Gold Not Rx
Justin Moo Not Rx
Maria MoRx
BradI think 3 
Claudia V22  Not Rx
Brock45  Not Rx
Ali M56  Not Rx
Monce26  Not Rx
Damon Not Rx
Shawn30 Rx
Adela21  Not Rx
Brandi12  Not Rx
Debby52  Not Rx
Valene12  Not Rx
Kaylen Not Rx
Crystal21  Not Rx
Mark F57 Rx
Esther31  Not Rx
Shahlaye19  counterweight
Danielle17  banded pulls/ wall walks
Shelly22  mod pistols
Julio16  Wall Walks
Vanessa R48  jumping pullups, banded pistols and bear crawls
AurelioI didn't count  Not Rx
Stacey41 Rx
Jessica N11  mod pistols/pu wall walks
Justin E12 Rx
Jeff ERx
Mayra EI don't know but RX Rx
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