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Tuesday Oct 31,2017

Welcome Justin Moo

Oct 31, 2017

Fight Gone Bad Style
Rope Climbs
Box Jumps

Accessory work

3x5 snatch balance

Tenneile141  banded dips / bottom rope
Stan121  banded dips
Jess BNFC  Not Rx
Jarrod123  banded dips
Jacob J122 Rx
Joshua M112  banded dips
Amber C121  banded dips
Adam j154  banded dips
Sujinda140  banded dips
Sarah M111  banded dips
Erik120 Rx
Denise B123  banded dips, rope pulls
Sandy G120  banded dips, rope pulls,
Jamie W131  banded dips
Renee191  air squats, box dips
Emily Ha72  banded dips
Julie E148 Rx
Shelby124 Rx
Matt Sw174 Rx
Eric Golt122 Rx
Eric Gold169 Rx
Maria Mo124 Rx
Damon137 Rx
Greg120  Not Rx
Monce104  Not Rx
Ali M124  Not Rx
Anthony124  Not Rx
Adela111  Not Rx
Debby143  Not Rx
Cailin131  banded dips
Brandi109  Not Rx
Brandon W133  rx
Kaylen122  Not Rx
Brad111 Rx
Elizabeth H81  banded dips
Jeff L147 Rx
Rey96  Not Rx
Joseph Rh86 Rx
Stacey161 Rx
Jessica NWe have to keep score?  Not Rx
Daniel L126 Rx
HeideScore? What score?  Not Rx
Chelsey122  Not Rx
Caitlin88  Not Rx
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