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Thursday Jul 13,2017

Happy Birthday Mayra E

Boat Load of Fun

Death By Calories Rowing
Each minute you must row one additional calorie.  Work will continue until you can not achieve the number of calories needed.

Julie L13 Rx
Stan15 Rx
Jarrod15 Rx
Tonya11 Rx
A.J.16 Rx
Sylvester19  Not Rx
Jacob J20 Rx
Lisa M11 Rx
Debby12 Rx
Milynda13 Rx
Bonnie12 Rx
Jamie W13 Rx
Kaycee15 Rx
Erik18 Rx
Matt Sw20 Rx
Shelby12 Rx
Anthony15 Rx
Ali M10 Rx
Brock13 Rx
Rylie12 Rx
Eric Gold17 Rx
Maria Mo15 Rx
Jeff L16 Rx
Michael M23 Rx
Donna S11 Rx
Joseph Rh16 Rx
Noah17 Rx
Cailin11 Rx
Jennifer M14 Rx
Vanessa R12 Rx
Stacey15 Rx
Justin E20 Rx
Libby11 Rx
Greg21 Rx
Daniel L19 Rx
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