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Tuesday Jul 11,2017

Happy Birthday Jared J
Welcome Ali M & Rey

Frans Ugly Cousin

Calories on the Assault Bike
Pull Ups
Push Ups

Stan9:37 Rx
Jennifer M8:27  jumping pull ups
A.J.8:38 Rx
Sylvester12:20 Rx
Tenneile10:26  jumping pull ups
Debby9:40  jumping pull ups
Tyler Jos11:05 Rx
Kaycee8:43  jumping pull ups
Greg9:07 Rx
Jennifer P10:50  Not Rx
Matt Sw6:22 Rx
Eric Golt6:44 Rx
Sarah Q10:17  Not Rx
Renee8:57 Rx
Anthony10:41  Not Rx
Paula11:30 Rx
Maria Mo8:33 Rx
Brock8:58  Not Rx
Ali M7:55  Not Rx
Erik6:35 Rx
Donna S10:43  Not Rx
Brandi11:08  Not Rx
Valene9:27  Not Rx
Mariela11:15  Not Rx
Eric Gold8:09 Rx
Damon8:54 Rx
Jeff L7:02 Rx
Mayra E10:53 Rx
Vanessa R12:02  JU and banded pushups
Darnelle11:21  Banded Pullups
Julie E7:01 Rx
Mark F6:29 Rx
Stacey9:10 Rx
Kaylen10:43 Rx
Leviy9:23  Banded Pull-ups
Joseph Rh11:00 Rx
Rey15:04  JU pull-ups/banded PU
Justin E7:23 Rx
Esther12:42  banded pull-ups& PU
Jeff E8:28 Rx
Rylie11:43 Rx
Monce10:59  JU pull-ups/banded PU
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