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Tuesday Jul 4,2017

Happy Birthday Lara

July 4, 2013

Partner WOD

Buy-In 1776 m run


100 KB Swings (55/35)
100 Wall Balls
100 SDHP w/ KB
100 Med Ball Cleans
While KB is in use Partner must hold Wall ball and while Wall ball is in use Partner must hold KB.   The WB and KB must stay above the waist. The WB and KB cant hit the ground, if they do its a 10 burpee penalty.

Cash Out 241 DU

On Minute 4 - 4 HSPU
On Minute 7 - 7 HRPU
On Minute 17 - 17 Pull-Ups

Tyler Jos36:57  Not Rx
Michelle S34:22  Not Rx
Debby34:22  Not Rx
Greg33:42  Singles
Jess B48:00  Not Rx
Jessica N36:23  Not Rx
Valene35:18  Not Rx
Rylie35:18 Rx
Matt Sa36:57  Not Rx
Lance S48:00  Not Rx
Eric Gold33:42 Rx
Alex S36:22  Not Rx
Esther36:23  Not Rx
Greta35:35  Not Rx
Bonnie35:35  Not Rx
Betsy36:22 Rx
Stacey26:47 Rx w/Erik and Mo
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