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Monday Jun 26,2017

June 26, 2017

Complete the following:

2 mile Bike
2 mile Row
2 mile run

The run is 1 lap around the whole neighborhood/area.  Start out on the normal 800 path and just keep going to the end of the neighborhood and take a left.  Keep going on that street until Old Brighton Road, take a left.  This will take you up to platte River where you will turn left into our parking lot and finish your run,

Stan36:02 Rx
Adela40:34 Rx
Tenneile43:20 Rx
Kenia42:37 Rx
Adrian G35:52 Rx
Jarrod34:06  Not Rx
Tonya43:03 Rx
KarinaCap+ .7mi Rx
Sujinda37:00 Rx
Dustin G37:00  Not Rx
Jacob J30:31 Rx
Jeff L32:49 Rx
Betsy38:43 Rx
Michelle S38:36  2mi bike/2mi row/1mi run
Tyler Jos36:53 Rx
Alexander L38:16 Rx
Kaycee40:34 Rx
Crystal42:05 Rx
Sarah Q33:19 Rx
Shelby39:33 Rx
Julie E39:11 Rx
Maria Mo37:11 Rx
Renee43:24 Rx
Leviy41:19 Rx
Noah34:43 Rx
Monce42:10 Rx
Paula38:09 Rx
Claudia V42:24 Rx
Damon37:17  Not Rx
Gabrielle45:08  Not Rx
Garrett R38:51 Rx
Debby44:57 Rx
Valene44:09 Rx
Emily Ha39:38 Rx
Matt Sw35:42 Rx
Mariela44:52 Rx
Mark F33:17 Rx
Joseph Rh41:57 Rx
Darnelle40:46 Rx
Jennifer M39:45 Rx
Elia37:31  1 mile bike 2000m row 1 mile run
Esther42:54 Rx
Vanessa R56:20 Rx
Shahlaye45:35 Rx
Julio56:20 Rx
Roberto36:36 Rx
Stacey38:11 Rx
Jessica N42:50 Rx
Eric Gold34:02 Rx
Matt Sa38:10 Rx
Justin E33:50 Rx
Libby39:32  2 mi bike 2 mi row 1 mi run
Jeff E38:30 Rx
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