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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Friday Jun 9,2017

Welcome Tonya

Badger HERO

3 Rounds for Time of:
30 Squat Cleans (95/65)
30 Pull Ups
800 M Run

Adela32:53  15#
Jarrod33:10  30/20/20 75#
Adrian G33:03  65# Jumping PU
Matt H34:28  Banded PU 75#
Alejandra36:ish  15# 30/20/20 Jumping PU
Stan36:40  30/20/20 75#
Karina33:26  PVC Jumping PU
Julie L39:57 Rx
Tenneile35:27  20's 45#
Tonya37:21  20's 15#
Alexander L39:40  Jumping PU 75#
Alex D40:39  30/20/20 75#
Sujinda36:37  30/30/20 mix Banded/JU 55#
Shelly35:55  Happy To be alive
Erik37:59 Rx
Kaycee32:14  Jumping PU 55#
Matt Sw36:01 Rx
Shelby42:44 Rx
Daniel L39:48 Rx
Eric Gold35:33 Rx
Greg36:52  2 rounds
Damon45:26  ring rows
Mayra E41:34 Rx
Darnelle41:18  20s
Michelle S40:30  Not Rx
Shahlaye44:16  Not Rx
Craig A42:20 Rx
Mark F39:56 Rx
Roberto33:52  20s
Maria Mo37:59 Rx
Rudy36:54 Rx
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