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Fri,Apr 27,2018 at 5:30pm 2nd Annual CrossFit Lift Off

Wednesday May 31,2017

May 31, 2017


OHS (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)
Rings Rows

** Ring rows will be performed with feet on a box. **

Stan12:30  65#
Matt H12:48  65#
Sujinda12:20  25#
Jarrod12:10  65#
Kenia11:21  35#
Tenneile12:05  25#
Adrian G13:25  45#
Lisa M11:51  55#
A.J.13:53  95#
Jacob J13:24  45#
Betsy9:00  55#
Alexander L11:45  75#
John B12:00  PVC
Tyler Jos10:40  75#
Kaycee10:35  65#
Bonnie12:02 Rx
Shelly12:47  35#
Noah12:24 Rx
Victoria12:00  PVC
Greg11:24  95#
Jennifer M11:01  45#
Jeff L10:26 Rx
Erik8:13 Rx
Matt Sw7:50 Rx
Renee8:34 Rx
Shelby9:39  Not Rx
Greta10:38  Not Rx
Maria Mo10:07 Rx
Julie E8:33 Rx
Crystal11:33  Not Rx
Rylie10:39  Not Rx
Sarah Q8:57  Not Rx
Paula9:31 Rx
Claudia V11:40  Not Rx
Donna S10:33  Not Rx
Brandi10:54  Not Rx
Valene9:33  Not Rx
Jenna D11:13  Not Rx
Eric Gold9:19  Not Rx
Emily Ha11:22  Not Rx
Damon10:25 Rx
Michelle B10:51  Not Rx
Lorenzo10:43  Not Rx
Elizabeth H8:15  Not Rx
Vanessa R12:35  Not Rx
Michelle S9:35  Not Rx
Jennifer D10:14  Not Rx
Shahlaye11:30  Not Rx
Darnelle10:22 Rx
Craig A10:43 Rx
Julio11:49  Not Rx
Mark F9:36 Rx
Elia10:09  Not Rx
Roberto10:38  Not Rx
Chantel12:20  Not Rx
Stacey8:05 Rx
Mariela12:09  Not Rx
Matt Sa10:56 Rx
Esther12:12  55
Dayra12:05  PVC
Libby13:13  PVC
Justin E9:42  45
Jeff E12:31 Rx
Mayra E12:38 Rx
Daniel L10:22  45
Monce12:26  75
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