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Wednesday Apr 12,2017

Happy Birthday Jenna D

April 12, 2017

Teams of 2

4 min AMRAP 50ft Sled Push (45s/25s)
rest 1 min
4 min

50ft Overhead Bar Carry (135/95)

gymnastics complex 2

Tenneile29  Rx sled 55#OH w/ Adrian
Adrian G29  Rx sled 55# OH w/ Tenn
Jarrod21 Rx w/ Sylvester
Jacob J28 Rx w/ Matt H.
Sylvester21 Rx w/ Jarrod
Matt H28 Rx w/ Jake
Alexander L23  Rx sled 95# OH w/ Paul
Milynda29  Rx sled 65# OH/ w/ Bonnie
Bonnie29  Rx sled 65# OH w/ Milynda
Jennifer P25  Rx sled 65# OH w/ Kaycee
Kaycee25  Rx sled 65# OH w/ Jenn
Paul B23  Rx sled 95# OH w/ Alex
Matt Sw30 Rx with matt
Julie E38 Rx with stacey
A.J.26  with monce 95 lb bar
Shelby23 Rx with paula
Lucy36  Not Rx
Paula23 Rx with paula
Damon30 Rx with matt
Monce26  with aj 95 lb bar
Stacey38 Rx with julie
Erik35 Rx with shawn
Shawn35 Rx
Renee25 Rx with mayra
Mayra E25 Rx with renee
Nicole V:)  with dane 10s
Elizabeth H21  Not Rx
Brandon R28 Rx with lance
Dane:)  with nicole
Crystal:)  Not Rx
Christopher:)  Not Rx
Lance S28 Rx with brandon
Vanessa R13  Solo 85#
Shahlaye26  65# w/Donna
Chelsea:) 28 Rx w/Darnie
Craig A32 Rx W/Goltz
Donna S26  65# w/Shaye
Darnelle:) 28 Rx w/Chelsea
Eric Golt32 Rx w/Craig
Alex S23  w/Jayce 55# and 35's
Matt Sa25 Rx w/Jeff
Justin E18 Rx Solo
Jeff E25 Rx w/Sailor
Caitlin23 Rx w/Heide
Heide23 Rx w/Caitlin
Jayce23  w/Alex
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