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Friday Mar 31,2017

March 31, 2017

9 min AMRAP
20 KB Swings 55/35
200 m Run
20 K2E

Matt H2+22  45#KB
Adrian G2+22  35#KB
Bonnie3+1  35#
Alexander L2+15  35#
Esther2+14  25#
Emily Ha2+20  35#
Mayra E2+22  35#
Stephen3+5 Rx
Madoc2+24  45#
Amber C2+14  25#
Tenneile2+16  35#
Renee3+2 Rx
Elizabeth H2+7  35#
Eric Golt2+26 Rx
Shelby2+33 Rx
Matt Sw3+10 Rx
Greg2+20  70
James Sa2+21  Not Rx
Rylie2+21  Not Rx
Greta2+20  25
Brad2+20 Rx
Anthony2+36  Not Rx
Daniel L2+21  45
Jayce2+26  35
Erik2+32 Rx
Eric Gold2+20 Rx
Darren2+16  bike
Shahlaye 25
Jennifer D2+7  35
Vanessa R2+1  25
Darnelle2+10 Rx
Christopher3+21  Not Rx
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Darnelle 2:01pm
Today's swearing in for our new judge won't give me enough time to make it to Oly.  It's a sad day for me! But I will be there for the WOD!

Erik 3:13pm
Tell them to speed it up! You have lifting to do!