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Tuesday Mar 28,2017

Happy Birthday Cailin
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March 28, 2017

CrossFit Main Site 3/27/17
3 rounds for time:
One minute of 135-lb. back squats
Rest one minute
One minute of chest-to-bar pull-ups
Rest one minute
One minute of 135-lb. power cleans
Rest one minute

Post total reps completed to comments

Stan:)  95
Jarrod122  95
Tim F106  95
Sandy G176  30
Kaycee174  65
Bonnie114  95 cleans back rack lunges
Debby172  65
Esther101  pullups
Sylvester80 Rx
Madoc101  115
Shelby91 Rx
Renee144 Rx
Anthony114  pullups
A.J.112  115
Crystal132  65
Matt Sw167 Rx
Steph135  cf mama
Sarah Q122  75
Jayce98  95
Maria Mo120 Rx
Roberto121 Rx
Valene138  75
Brandi135  35
Mayra E104 Rx
Garrett R89  75
Jessica N85  85
Darnelle111 Rx
Vanessa R108  85 Jumping PU
Julio76  135 Jumping PU
Chelsea124  85
Francisco G67  Banded PU
Michelle S92  65
Jenna D124  75
Justin E124 Rx
Jeff E116 Rx
Noah173  95
Daniel L119  95
Rudy138 Rx
Stacey154 Rx
Eric Gold120 Rx
Results Posted: 40